Nabta Health

Nabta is a hybrid healthcare platform that empowers women to effectively manage and personalise their health. Using a unique set of integrative healthcare data and technology, Nabta provides a combination of traditional and digital support to women which mirror the concerns and challenges that accompany important events in their lives, including fertility, pregnancy and menopause.


Our Mission

Empower Women to Manage Their Own Health #TogetherWeBlossom

Nabta's mission is to provide a comprehensive set of healthcare services to women globally, including clinical advice, personalised health recommendations, consumer product reviews and virtual consultations. By 2020, Nabta will be the largest platform for women's health in the Middle East and North Africa.

The 5 Big Questions

  • Can we solve the problem of infertility?
  • How do we make the transition to motherhood as smooth as possible?
  • Can we reduce our dependence on drugs and empower our bodies to prevent disease?
  • To what extent can we lessen the effects of perimenopause?
  • Can we help women overcome cancer and other chronic diseases?
Nabta Health
Nabta Health

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