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How to Write a Good Birth Plan

Sophie Smith
Nabta Health

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What is a birth plan?

A birth plan is YOUR plan for giving birth. It includes everything from who you would like to be in the room with you during labour, to what name you would like to be called (some people have nicknames they hate, and, trust me, the last thing you want when you’re giving birth is to be called something you hate), to the types of pain relief you are happy to be given.

Although a birth plan is not required to give birth, it is recommended on the grounds that it will provide the medical team who assist you during labour with an idea of what you would and would not like to happen. Of course, like all the best plans, some aspects of your birth plan will change when you go into labour. For example, I stated in my birth plan that I wanted a water birth, but when my contractions started, my baby’s heart rate hit 160 beats per minute (which is at the upper end of normal) so I was put on a constinous fetal heart rate monitor and told .....

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