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What if Breastfeeding Isn't Possible ?!

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Breastfeeding is hard – physically, mentally, and emotionally. There will be no lack of advice from your friends, family, and elders each propagating their own model of breastfeeding while assuring you that it is what works best. However, each baby and parent are different. What might have worked for someone in a different situation will not necessarily fit what you’re going through at the moment. For these reasons, getting all the information about breastfeeding is essential to making your own unique choice. This is why we’re introducing you to the concept of combination/mixed feeding.
What is combination/mixed feeding??!
The answer lies in its name – it is the practice of combining or mixing breastfeeding along with formula feeding.
There could be many reasons why mothers consider this approach. Some mothers take up to 6 weeks after their delivery to establish breastfeeding successfully. Moreover, mother wh.....