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Depression During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a period filled with complex emotions: the big news can be shocking to some, while for others it is thrilling and exciting. In reality, many women do not experience the glowing, peaceful pregnancy that appears to be the norm in most social media feeds. The hormonal changes in a woman’s body that help prepare her for the pregnancy can also wreck havoc on her mental and emotional state, making her more prone to depression.

How do you know you’re depressed?

It is important to seek treatment when you have been experiencing five or more of these symptoms daily over a two week period, as they could be indicative of depression.

  1. Feeling sad, hopeless, empty, or helpless almost the entire day
  2. Losing interest in almost all activities most of the day
  3. Significant changes in weight, either a gain or a loss in weight 
  4. Changes in sleep cycles, unable to sleep or sleeping too much
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