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Disruptive Innovation In The Reproductive Health Of MENA

Dr. M. Pradhan
Nabta Health

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Merina Pradhan*1, Sophie Smith*2

1 Head of Content at Nabta Health, Kuwait

([email protected])

2 CEO and Co-founder at Nabta Health, Dubai

([email protected])


Disruptive innovation has been a guiding force in business for the past two decades since being formally recognized in 1995. Healthcare as an industry has been lagging behind in adopting this business model. The present healthcare system worldwide is mostly a combination of two business models – the “solution shop” and “value adding process” models. General hospitals and local practices have evolved from the former into the latter where medical procedures such as testing and minor procedures have been removed by several degrees from the physician in order to lower the prices (Christensen & Johnson, 2009).

The MENA region is rife with opportunitie.....

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