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6 Reasons Why Exercising During Pregnancy Is A Great Idea

Dr. M. Pradhan
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Contemporary wisdom tells you that pregnancy is a delicate period. The family elders expect a pregnant woman to put up her feet and relax. And you probably would want to do that! Your back is hurting, you feel more tired than usual - for once you definitely feel like listening to your mother! 

But unless you're experiencing complications, exercising and retaining a good level of physical fitness during pregnancy is a great idea. Let me count you the reasons why: 

1.    Relieve your aching back

Exercise in early pregnancy can strengthen abdominal, back, and pelvic muscles. When stronger, they are able to carry the extra 10-20 kilos of the last trimester much more easily (Sabino & Grauer, 2008). 

2.    Feel happier

Pregnancy can be a very stressful time - depression and mood swings are common during this time. Exercise improves mood during pregnancy which in turn decreases your chances of post-partum depression (Keen, .....

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